Camera not snapping to SpringArm like tutorial?

Beginner question:

I’m editing the Components of my Character Blueprint, and I’m trying to figure out how to make my Camera component snap to the end of my Spring Arm component, like it does in the tutorial.

Right now, when I drag my Camera onto my Spring Arm (in the components tab), the Camera gets reparented correctly (in the components tab) but in the viewport, the Camera doesn’t “snap” to the end of the Spring Arm like it does in the tutorials.

I’ve played with the various “snap” preferences and settings, and I’ve trying holding down ■■■■, alt, and control while dragging the Camera onto the Spring Arm, but nothing seems to help… but I’m a beginner, so that might just be because I haven’t figured out which setting or keystroke to use.

FYI, the place where my UE4.6 isn’t doing what the video does is about 6 minutes into this tutorial:
Introduction to Third Person Blueprint game - 12 - Character Blueprint Components

Hi tadmuck,

Looking at 5:25 in the video where he drags the camera onto the spring arm, all you need to do is click and drag, then release your mouse button while it is over the spring arm. You do not need to press any keys on the keyboard to do this, just click + drag.

Doing this makes the Camera a “Child” of the SpringArm component…

Hope that helps!

EDIT: sorry I misread.

To do this, click on your camera and in the details panel below set location to 0,0,0 it could have been changed at some point, but resetting to zero should fix that.

Yeah, but the problem is that for some reason, when he releases the mouse button, his camera (in his viewport) snaps onto the end of his Spring Arm, i.e. his camera snaps to the origin of his spring arm and his Camera->Translation->Location->X value doesn’t change. But when I release my mouse button, my camera does not move in my viewport. When I drop my camera, my **Camera->Translation->Location->X" value changes from 0 to 300.

I’ve just found out that I can easiy move my camera to the correct spot by resetting my Camera->Transform->Location after dropping it on my swing arm, but if anyone has a guess as to why my camera isn’t snapping to the origin of my spring are automatically, I’d love to hear it.

can you take a quick screenshot of how it is setup in your game, it would help us to figure out what is going on. if possible can you select the camera in the list, and take a screenshot that shows the selection panel and the details panel below it? you can attach it here using the button above.Thanks!