Camera not keeping up with Character


I have a character blueprint that has a camera blueprint spawned within it. The character is a multi-stage rocket. There is one overarching skeleton inside the rocket, and I want the camera to follow different stages, so I’m pulling translation data from the skeletal nodes and attaching it to the camera with “Set Actor Transform”.

I’m using Event Tick to drive this so it will constantly update, but if there’s a better way to do this, please let me know. This worked when I had relatively slow moving objects not moving very far.

I’m now using an animation that has speeds and distances that are far greater (closer to an actual rocket, but still made up). When I did this, the camera does not stay locked to the position of the skeletal node. It’s almost like the camera is damped somehow. It moves, but much slower and the rocket zooms out of the frame. The camera is still moving and catches up at the end of the animation on the last frame. I printed out the translation values for the skeletal node the translation data was coming from and the translation data for the camera node to the screen, and they are the same.

Any idea if there is some sort of physics dampening or translation change limits on the camera?

I think the best way to make sure that your camera will always follow your actor is by placing a Spring-Arm component which is attached to the Actor and inside that component place your camera (similar to the Third Person or Top-Down Template projects).

By modifying the properties of the Spring-Arm component you will also be able to modify the camera’s properties as well.