Camera not activating while aiming

this is quite annoying. I have an aim function that when it activates, it activates the aim camera. however, it doesnt actually show the camera. it does get attached to the head socket though. yeah, I don’t know. anything suspicious with my code? ask if you need any more screenshots.

I think that part of the issue is the animation is freezing. that’s all I got.

Looks like your target is set wrong, flip target and current, you are vinterping and rinterping to your main camera not the aim one

I switched it and it still doesnt move smoothly.

Try adjusting the speed, also if you’re looking for an aim while moving make sure to apply the location and rotation on the event tick node so it adjusts the camera as you move

w - YouTube that’s the video.

Uncheck the reset spot on the activate node, I have an aim system pretty similar and that’s the difference

exact same as it was before. I tried with and without delta seconds connected

that is my tick function

I wouldn’t deactivate and activate cameras on the tick, pull those out and only adjust the location on the tick

that isn’t just not working, but I figured out its not even switching cameras. yeah. and it is connected to the right cameras.

Personally I add a camera component to the weapon in construction. Attach it via socket.

When I ADS I use “Set View Target with Blend” to switch between the player camera and the guns camera.

// Note - My weapons are their own class, are spawned and attached to the pawn.

well mine aren’t their own class but the camera is attached to a socket.

This gets the smooth aim, you don’t have to use an extra camera at the original camera postion, you can always save the location and rotation on event begin play, to make it quickly I just added a third camera into the same spot as the original, hope this helps

so the first person camera save position is just an actor?

Yeah it’s a camera in the spot of the first camera, the proper way would be on event begin play to save the vector and rotation of the first camera and just move back to those values, just was in a hurry.

Jesus Christ and Mary his mother IT STILL ISNT WORKING.