Camera moving with character movement

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Pretty New to Unreal engine. F


ollowing Unreal tutorials I am trying to create an endless runner game. I implemented 3 lane movement system (Thanks to unreal forums) which enables a character move only in 3 positions. For movement I am getting world location of capsule component and adding a fixed value from an array of 3 values to y direction [-150,0,150]. it works perfectly but my camera is moving with the character please see attached gif. As work around I used to get world location of mesh component and then add movement to it. now camera is not moving but character is dying even when is in another lane which doesn’t have any obstacles as


][2]capsule component is staying in middle and mesh is moving as we give output to it. My guess is capsule box which hold character mesh is remaining in center and mesh/sekelton mesh is moving as we give input. how can I make this work so that whole capsule component can move as I give input but camera must not be effected.
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Perhaps you can put the mesh as a child of the collision capsule, then only move the capsule component. This will update collision while keeping the camera stationary.

I attached a picture I don’t know what happened. Here it is again. If this helps please mark as correct answer, if not feel free to update me.


Hi Distul. I am using inbuilt 3rd person BP. I cannot make camera actor without making it child to capsule component.


You can safely add new components and set them to root so that you may layer other components. Just remember, if you need to ever delete a root component, set another as root first, then delete.


Hi. Is this what you wanted the camera to do? - YouTube

If so, Here is how I achieved it. Bit of a hacky way but it seems to work

Also I removed the Spring arm - not sure if it makes any difference.

It’s best to avoid using event tick when possible, and this problem can definitely be solved without using event tick. Using the method I mentioned above will work quite easily. You just make sure the spring arm isn’t under the capsule as a child, and then move capsule only.