Camera moves only Yaw. Roll and Pitch unavailable. Why ?


My camera(pawn) in FPS project rotates only in yaw (Y). The other axis seems
to be locked I’m receiving a data from tracker: the values are correct for all axis.

My blueprint works fine for Yaw “Add Controller Yaw Input”.
But when I add “Add Controller Pitch Input” (or Roll) with same logic, nothing happens.

So obviously other two axis are locked somewhere. But where ?

I did check every place I could think of…
(ClassDefaults Pawn “Use Controller Rotator Pitch, Roll, Yaw are all checked”).

Where and how I can unlock them ?


anyone ?? I find it hard to believe, that Unreal is actually a 1D engine :slight_smile:

Use controller bla bla bla is for when you’re using a mouse/gamepad.
You mentioned tracker… what do you mean by this?

Inside your character BP, have you checked these options:


They are in your class defaults

I recieve “rotation” data. It’s a vector with three variable (yaw, roll, pitch). I then feed appropriate values to “Add Controller Yaw Input”, “Add Controller Roll Input”, and “Add Controller Pitch Input” nodes.
However only “Yaw” part works. Which makes me to believe that there is a setting somewhere, which blocks the Roll and Pitch rotation.
I do create my project based on FirstPersonShooter template, which unreal proposes me.

If you look at the class defaults in the First Person Character Blueprint, under Pawn there are 3 checkboxes, only the Use Controller Rotation Yaw seem to be on by default, perhaps checking the other 2 boxes may help with your issue ?

Well, actually I already did found those check boxes. But strangely enough, checking them didn’t change a thing…

Actually it’s very easy to reproduce this problem.
Create new project based on First Person Shooter template.
Normally when you move mouse left and right, camera turns (Yaw).
Then feed Axis Value into “Pitch” node instead.
Nothing moves anymore.
The Pawn checkboxes are checked on the right.
(see picture below).

This is quite crazy… am I the first person ever to rotate camera in Unreal ?


Is your camera is attached to the player mesh?