Camera Movement on Right Mouse

Hello all,

I’m trying to implement a system where the player can move the camera with their mouse when holding down the right mouse button. I used this guide although modified some things to get closer to what I want:

Here is the setup for my Pawn class:

And my Project settings:

The problem is that left mouse button also allows the camera to be moved. What am I missing here?

Not at a machine right now, but does it need to be an action mapping, not axis?..

No problem, and thanks for the response.

I tried the above, and it doesn’t allow me to hold the RMB and look around. Should I be adding in a loop or what else am I missing here?

Ah - didn’t realize you were looking, thought it just a click… :-/

But I think the left is also working because it’s axis. It’s seen as the opposite axis.

Maybe you can use IsMouseButtonDown to cancel the input if LMB is held…