Camera Movement like StoneHearth?

hi is it possible to make camera movement like StoneHearth in blueprint, if so can anybody guide me towards how to do so?

You might want to be more specific if you want responses, describe the camera system rather than expecting people to know it / look it up for you.

like rts you click on characters and select where they move, and you can hold down like right mouse to rotate camera around the target point of a line trace sort of :stuck_out_tongue:

please help?

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You’re basically describing a standard RTS camera with slight modifications. I’d suggest you follow tutorials on how cameras work, following a few tutorials should be able to give you the knowledge to create what suits your needs.

I don’t recommend jumping straight into “how do I make the camera move exactly like in this game.” Instead, break it down into small tasks that are easier to understand and add up to the big picture. First implement basic camera panning. Then camera zooming via springarm, then camera rotation via right mouse button. Stonehearth is a basic RTS camera with orbiting via raycast from mouse position.

thanks ill take a look into it :slight_smile:

got it to work pretty much as i wanted it, if anybody is intressted in the blueprint msg me :stuck_out_tongue: and ill try posting it in a different thread