camera move up

how do i achieve, that my camera is moving up on the Z-axis while i look up but always has fixed distance to my character like 200 ?
where is the camera code? is it just in c++?

There are many ways you can do this. You could change the vertical rotation on the camera, or actually move it along the Z axis – depending how you want it to pan. Ultimately though what I would do is set the camera to move towards the max distance on an Interp.

EG: Player Transform = 100, 100, 0.

If max distance of camera should be 200…

Move camera to: 100, 100, 200 using an Interp. This will create a smooth movement in addition when the look up is released you can have the camera Interp back down to 0.

I can make an example when I’m home but that won’t be for several hours.

2D or 3D?

I solved it. Thanks bro!