Camera mounted on a Rig Rail doesn't save keyframed rotations

I’m trying to animate a camera in sequencer using the Camera Rig Rail, what I do is this:

  1. Place a Camera Rig Rail on the level.
  2. Place a Cine Camera Actor in the level, more or less placing it where I think it should be mounted onto the rail.
  3. Create a new Level Sequence.
  4. Add the Cine Camera Actor to the Level Sequence.
  5. Inside the Level Sequence, in the Camera Actor: +Track > Path > And choose the Camera Rig Rail Actor.

Now the camera is attached to the rail and it moves along it as I hit play, but the problem is that I’m unable to rotate the camera and keyframe that rotation, it always use the same rotation along the rail and ignores the rotation I just set with keyframes.

I haven’t been able to find more information about the use of this Camera Rig Rail, there is no documentation about this actor.

I hope someone knows how to work with this, thank you in advance!


You need to attach camera to RailCameraMount.

Try this way:

                        1. Place camera rig.
                        2. Place camera actor.
                        3. Attach camera to camera rig.
                        4. Align camera to RailCameraMount.
                        5. In Sequenser add Camera Rig.
                        6. Camera Rig -> + -> Track -> Current Position on Rail.
                        7. Camera Rig -> + -> Track -> RailCameraMount.
                        8. RailCameraMount -> + > Track -> Transform.

Useful links:

Also you can download "Sequencer" project:


Thank you so much for your detailed answer!

Now I can keyframe different rotations in the Transform of the RailCameraMount, but I have to set these manually without a gizmo, I mean I have to try rotation values until I get the camera to point to what I want, but this workflow is not ideal at all.

Is there a way to rotate this RailCameraMount with a rotation gizmo??

Thank you again!

By the way, I watched the videos you suggested but they use the rail just one time and they don’t keyframe rotations at all.

Also in the example project there is no rail at all.

I’m beggining to thinkg that maybe I should animate the camera the old way, just flying around in the level and keyframing the position and rotation.

bumping this threat

Maybe is thre a missing functionality or I’m the one missing something??

I hope someone can shine some light here!

They just added a tutorial about this, now its working!