Camera linked to viewport position?

Novice here. I have a scene with not much in it. Character actor and a camera attached to it. Whenever I move the view port around and press play the camera in the scene follows or matches the Z or height of my viewport position. I hope that makes sense. So if the camrea is at 0 and I move the viewport to 40 when I press play the camera is at 40. ??? I didn’t move the camera. Its like its linked to in some way.

How do I unlink it? Thanks

Click on the arrow next to Play button and select Default Player Start for spawn player location.

Thanks so much. Another problem its not highlighted. I can’t select it.

Hmm. Can you post a screenshot please?

Ah, i forgot. Just place a Player Start object anywhere you like inside the level, then you’ll be able to select it.

Thanks I believe that worked