Camera "jumping" with actor

Hi everyone,

I have a question regarding the camera, in my game the camera is following the character in the 2d side scroller, the problem is that i don’t want the camera follow the character while he jumps, how can I configure it to the camera just follow just when it walking not when jumping?

In my Character BP there a camera attached to cameera boom then the sprite.

Thanks all

Likely have to constrain an axis…or every tick set your camera location…I don’t do much with 2d but I believe they have camera settings to lock axis…
although I suggest look into your “Camera Lag” in the “camera boom”…enable it and set it’s number to something like 2 and it’ll barely move but just in case somewhere down the line of your game your character does get much higher or lower than you currently plan your camera will catch up to guarantee the player can still see…if you lock the camera there’s a chance they’ll be somewhere where you just can’t see your character…