Camera jittering when too far away.

Need help.

I am working on a Archviz project that require to cover a 30k KM radius.

I have set up an Orbit Camera with Spring Arm BP in my scene.

The rotation work fine when the Camera Distance are below 8000, but when it goes beyond 8000, the camera jittering very badly and ghosting effect occur too.

Does anyone know how to fix this or it is UE4 bug.

P.S. My current solution is to rescale all my entire scene to 1:50 to reduce the camera distance. But with this method, I have problem when migrating other assets from other project which the models are using 1:1 scale.

(Admin: I tried searching the similar problem but found nothing to solve therefore I started a new thread. Please redirect me to the post if someone already posted same problem)
Thank you.

I attached a video link here for your better reference!8803&authkey=!AFTmd-CpPj4JqfQ&ithint=video%2Cmp4

I need to solve this problem urgently, Please help guys.

Thank you

Says the file has been removed, deleted or I don’t have permission…

updated the link … thanks and sorry

I see some z-fighting on some ground objects. This is because 2 objects are at the same location. Move them away from each other, just by a few millimeter/cm!

The further away things are from the origin the lower the precision becomes because the numbers get too big, for UE4 there’s a World Composition tool for combining multiple scenes and making a large world run well

Hi, there is only 1 planer object on ground. the rest of the objects are 500cm above it.

I found similar topic about world composition, I tried separate the scene but this ghosting thing still occur.

Also, for my scene. The focus is always on the center (0,0,0) … therefore, I doubt need the WC to combine it, because I understand the WC is for if the player are able to go all over the map.

Please help guys.