Camera jitter on playback

Struggling with this issue for a while. It involves a camera attached to a moving vehicle filming the driver. They are locked together in motion. Scrubbing in sequencer everything looks fine, but when I playback or render with mblur there is a crazy camera jitter (see attachment)

Anim for all the components is baked @ 20 subframes in Maya, keys set to linear then exported to FBX.

As a test I imported the same anim back into Maya and the various components are perfectly locked.

Seems like Unreal is interpreting subframes differently between the camera the geo??

maybe check the animation curves for any pops?
test changing all the keys to linear?
what do you need subframes for?

No pops in the anim subframes.
All the keys are linear.
Subframes seemed to improve the “jitter” on some wider shots but not this one. Ultimately I will use subframes for fast moving shots but that isnt the point of this test.

Looking closer at the keyframes in Unreal, it seems the rotation attr only has keys on the frame boundaries while translate has all the subframes. Will investigate why that is.

Unreal doesn’t read the rotation subframes which I’ve confirmed exist in the FBX (loading in Blender).

There are only a few settings on the FBX importer for the camera (in the sequencer), seems like a bug?

if you’re trying to framelock export from maya, maybe you don’t need the subframes ?