Camera Issue

Hi everyone !
I’m creating an hovering vehicle (I try) like manta . I start from an empty scene (because I don’t know how download the Manta hover by example) . So I follow the “Overview car and setup” tutorial ( .
Rather than use a 4 wheeled vehicle I use a skeletal mesh that I create on 3DS MAX (mesh and 1bone for moment) .
I am at the state of placing camera on a spring arm but I got some strange issue with camera . I take picture of different placement of it because it’s not easy to explain, It feel like the camera inverse everything . (When I go feont it look like i’m back, etc…)

Thanks by advance, I’m a newbie in UE4 .

No one have an idea ?

As i see that your rotation z changes and not your location on third pic, maybe you made the mistake there…

First thanks for answering me .
This is the Z rotation of the spring arm not of the camera . I turn the spring arm just for watching that wherever i put the camera I don’t have the result it should be (always inverse result) .Or when I have not well understand what you mean .

As you can see in this picture, to have the result I would have, I should place the camera on a weird position…!

Ok finally I add wheel and suspension bones to my vehicle in 3ds max and the camera seems go back to normal in UE4 . Problem solved (even if I don’t realy understand why)