Camera Issue

Issue: I have a physics actor sphere set to my player character.

I have a camera attached to a spring arm attached to my sphere Mesh.

When I move side to side I don’t get any bounce… but when I move forward it is very bumpy. ever so slightly.

I have tried with just a camera, I have tried the camera attached to a SpringArm, I have tried a camera attached to a spring arm attached to an arrow.

Its completely perfect if I do NOT attached the spring arm to the mesh.

I just want a view of the ball that follows the ball around… its so close but I have exhausted all my resources that I can think of.
any help or suggestions would be helpful.
Thank you

EDIT: when I move right, the floor Tilts slightly … when I set the camera to be First person right on the sphere its smooth, but I can’t see the sphere. when I back it out it gets bumpy.

can you host a picture of your blueprints components? (like the pic I put in the other thread)

here is one

another post2.jpg

and the last

ok, there is only 3 differences I can see between my BP and yours, 1: you have an arrow component but I doubt that’s causing the issue (I put one in my BP and it still worked fine), 2: you haven’t got absolute rotation turned on for your spring arm, 3: in both the spring arm and camera components I have the “use controller view rotation” option in the camera settings turned off.

try changing the last 2 and see what happens.

Found it… That was the issue absolute rotation… AWESOME Now I can move forward (No pun intended)
Thanks Smokey!

glad to hear its fixed:)


your welcome:D