Camera issue when resizing capsule


When i use my slide i’ve got a screen shake. For the slide i resize the capsule and adjust the mesh in Z. I don’t know how to fix that bug. there is the bug :
and it’s my blueprint :

[as you can see i had try to compensate the adjustement on the mesh with the localtransform of the spring arm but it didn’t work.

If you know how to fix it, thanks](Screen capture - 95a2e9fc782ccd5130934ce4a4f38bc9 - Gyazo)


I do not think this is a bug.
The reason for the jittery camera behavior has to do with how it is connected to the character. When you currently do the shrinking the camera also get relocated and change location.
You can probably test this by printing out the camera world location while standing still and then crouch.

One way to solve this is to shrink the capsule and adjust over time.