Camera issue when launched

Hi guys,

I have been using UE4.19 to create a project for university and I am pretty much done other than one big issue that I can’t find a solution to and so I come here seeking help.

I have a recent issue with my player falling under the world when spawned. Again this only happens when launched and not in PIE. The collision for the terrain works however the terrain appears at my players eye level and the players body is also not visible. Unfortunately, I do not know when this bug appeared so I do not know what I have changed that could have caused it.

So far I have tried


When launched: Screenshot - cff708dd3ba16625155971df17c567fa - Gyazo

The collision with the terrain all works as if the player is walking above it and this only occours when hitting launch, hitting play works perfectly.

Any help would be greatly appreciated since my deadline is next week!