Camera is stuck on the floor when resetting ragdoll character

Title. Every time I reset my character from a ragdoll, the camera becomes positioned on the floor. I’ve tried the advice from others from my previous posts, but have had little to no luck. I’m trying to keep the camera in a free third person movement to allow the user more control over the camera instead of a fixed angle while in motion.

If you can make a blueprint as reference it would help me tremendously. If not I’ll still try to figure out how to implement and compile your ideas/suggestions.

[Help] Camera is stuck on the floor when resetting ragdoll character : unrealengine (

[(F)all - (R)eset] - toggle ragdoll (press) posted by PikaDERP | blueprintUE | PasteBin For Unreal Engine 4

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when you enter ragdoll you are changing the camera from the capsule to the mesh, but when you recover from ragdoll you don’t change the camera back to the capsule in the BP

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How and where should I make that portion of the blueprint? I’m not sure which action I should use to make it work.

after adding the mesh to the capsule, add also the camera to the capsule, in the reset part

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I’ve been looking and experimenting for a few days, I’m afraid I’m none the wiser.

If you would be able to create a blueprint in the Snippet’s Repository to show your solution, I’d be highly grateful.

Thanks nonetheless for the help you’ve already given me. I have bookmarked this thread and will return one day once I’ve gathered enough insights on how to create blueprints.