Camera inheriting rotation from roots.

Hi Everyone!
My question is on child objects (specifically cameras) inheriting rotation from roots.
So here’s the scenario:

  1. Using the flight blueprint, I have set up my own spaceship like controls (roll, pitch, yaw, speed)
  2. When I attach a camera in this ship’s blueprint and uncheck ‘use controller view rotation’, everything works fine.
  3. I want to blueprint the camera separately, so I have a separate blueprint for it (consisting of just a camera with ‘use controller view rotation’ unchecked)
  4. If I remove the camera, and attach a child actor to the spring arm, and set the child actor class to this component, the camera follows the position of the parent, but not the rotation.
  5. Adding to the strangeness of this scenario, if I remove the child actor altogether, there’s still a camera on the ship inheriting it’s position but not rotation.

Thank you!

It sounds like your camera isn’t inheriting the rotation from the parent; are the “Inherit Pitch”, “Inherit Yaw” and “Inherit Roll” boxes ticked? Make sure they are checked so that it inherits all rotation from the parent.

Did you ever find a fix for this? Been stuck on it for a little while, no matter what I do I can’t make the camera inherit the rotation of the parent. The “Inherit Roll / Pitch / Yaw” checkboxes only show up in the Spring Arm component.

I think I might have, but it’s been so long I don’t remember. Hope you find your answer though!