Camera in the middle of the level?

Why UE4 generate at play a camera in the middle of the map ?

I’m using all my custom classes but UE4 keep generating a camera in the middle in the map, the problem is using the culling system from my camera manager and I can’t difference between my controlled camera and the other to limit the cull.

Hey ,

So from my understanding, you are using a custom character class which has it’s own camera you wish to use, but the camera that is being used when you press play is the one you have established as your cull distance set up camera?

If this is not correct, could you try to clarify a bit more and possibly provide me with some steps to take in order to get to the point in which I can see this issue on my end?

Usually some screenshots of your issue occurring versus what you expect is going to be really helpful. Let me know if you have further questions or need additional assistance.


This camera always spawn at play in the middle of the map, the selected one:

Just create a project and you will have that camera at play.

If you don’t want to keep the camera, just delete it from the World Outliner so it no longer exists. I am not sure what you are trying to do as your explanation is still a bit vague.

Please answer my questions in the above post as clearly as possible so I can get an understanding of what you are trying to do, versus what is actually occurring. If you don’t want to spawn at that location you can set the play mode to start from current player location. Be sure the camera you have placed doesn’t auto receive input from Player 0 as this could be why it is adopting the camera as the default player start.


Okay I got a gamemode and all made in BP okay ?

I got a Blueprint for camera manager that got a sphere collision to detect zone, and is set as the camera manager in my pawn controller, but at play looks like the camera manager works and collide with the boxes in the map but in the map UE4 create a another camera idk for what that is using my camera manager too and collide too with the map cubes, that result as if I got 2 players because that camera is colliding with my map Blueprints.

Set the blueprint you want to control your player to Auto Receive Input for Player 0 which is done in the Class Defaults menu within the blueprint editor.

Be sure in the World Outliner you do not have any extra blueprints placed in the level as well. Another thing is to make sure you are not spawning this blueprint at begin play or on construct.

That camera looks like is created in 0,0,0 and in all projects, can you tell me why ? You can check any project.

Unless you can provide me with an example project or some specific steps to follow to get to the point in which you are reporting, I cannot effectively troubleshoot this issue.

I am having some troubles understanding your explanations so clearly writing out simple steps and providing screenshots is going to be very helpful. You want to make sure that all the custom blueprints and set up you are mentioning are included in your steps/screenshots.

At this point the best way for us to resolve the issue is for you to reproduce this in a blank project and provide me with that project in a zipped folder. Until I can get some more detailed information on how to reproduce this issue, there is not much I can do in regards to resolving the problem.


I told you, do what you say: Create a new project using a template, open then press play in editor and you will see in the list of the level entities a random camera in the middle of the map always.

Is that simple.

One user told my that is the fail safe camera created by the engine, can you confirm that ?

So then how I difference a Camera Manager that is in 0,0,0 from my character one, because I got triggers in the map and get the overlap but the owner and the controller are the 2 equal to 0.


I found what was referring to as well as a possible solution that might work for him.

The PlayerCameraManager spawns a CameraActor that it stores in a variable AnimCameraActor on play that it uses to handle updating CameraAnims.

AnimCameraActor = GetWorld()->SpawnActor<ACameraActor>(SpawnInfo);

This is called on Line 704 of the latest source code in PlayerCameraManager.cpp.

As a possible? fix for this You could add the following line above it and have it contain a .Name that you could check for at runtime.

SpawnInfo.Name = FName(TEXT("TempAnimCamera"));

Thanks you MathewW