Camera Import Issues from Maya

So I’m having an issue with exporting and importing a camera between Maya and UE4. I’ve been setting up a test scene in matinee. I’ve been setting up a test camera with some animation, and then basically I end up exporting all from matinee. When I bring the fbx into Maya, it matches up with the scene perfectly, but when I do an export selection on the camera from Maya and then import the camera back into Matinee the Movement track seems to have shifted 90 degrees around the origin while the camera still remains pointed and rotating in the proper direction. I’m trying to find a work around for this issue, or maybe there’s just something I’m missing. Any help would be appreciated.

Maybe play around with the export axis? substitute y+ for y- or something like that

I’m not very familiar with Maya. But I believe there should be a way to change the y direction as well. For instance sometimes the origin in the 3d program is set to y- and unreal wants to read y+ or y forward. I would look into that. If I still had Maya I would look into that for you and post a picture but I only have blender right now.


I tried changing the up axis from Y up to Z up, I got “better” results with Z up in setting and Z up in Export settings in the Maya file but still had the 90 degree rotation error in Unreal, the screen shot above is with the Z up export setting in Maya 2015

I don’t know of a way of changing the forward axis in Maya, pretty much what I’ve determined from comparing my camera that I’ve reimported from Maya is that the X and Y axis are flipped for the purposes of position, I guess I’m trying to find a work around in maya or UE4 to ‘unflip’ them essentially.