Camera from scratch?

Are there any tutorials for setting up a camera from scratch to follow something in the game? Instead of using a character blueprint, I’m making a custom pawn blueprint but I can’t seem for the life of me to get any camera to work with it. Is there any way to set up a game without using a character blueprint and other certain things to work properly or are there certain required blueprints in order to have basic functionality?

it should work fine with a pawn instead of character, if memory serves you need 3 things, a camera as a component in the pawns BP, you need to set the pawn BP in your game mode BP, and you need to set your game mode in the world settings of your level.

its been a while since I set up a camera and might of missed something but I think that’s all you need.

The pawn BP doesn’t show up as selectable in the game mode.

I just tried making a Pawn BP and a GameMode BP and it was selectable in the game mode BP. how are you trying to select your pawn?

I’m trying to select it in game mode bp’s defaults. I’ll try making new ones of each.

:Edit: Looks like my first BP was bugged. Made 2 new ones, pawn bp and gamemode bp and it worked out. Thanks a lot.

your welcome, glad you got it working:)

if you’re putting your camera in your main pawn, well it works but it’s a bad/hacky habit perhaps. if you want to add a new pawn you need to replicate the camera etc.

the best way is to make a CameraPlayerManager BP and that is referenced from your PlayerController BP (which is set in world settings/ game mode)

This topic is extremely under tutorialed and I think most people end up taking the easy way out instead of using the proper system which allows for a lot of flexibility

I had it working with the pawn camera but I would like a bit more control in terms of the camera and what it follows. How would I go about setting up the camera properly using the camera controller?

I still need help with making a camera from scratch. as rodstone said, the camera attached to the pawn is a bit hacky. it works for now but I would really like to have more control. Can anyone help?

Do you want an Actor using a Camera component or a CameraActor in the world? What’s your preference?


If you want any Actor with a camera from scratch, you can:

  1. Create new Actor BP
  2. Add a Camera component to it
  3. In the graph section:

Then just drag and drop it into your scene and it will be its own Camera.

If it’s a new BP of type CameraActor, you just add this to the Graph:

All done!

EDIT: Setting the BlendTime to anything other than 0.0, will give you an awesome blend :slight_smile:
EDIT2: Yes they are literally the same, except the CameraActor has an uneditable CameraComponent


Do I make this BP in the pawn’s BP or in the newly created camera bp?

This will work on any actor that has a camera component. So you could do that on a pawn, or any actor with a camera component. The key here is that the actor has a camera component attached. It will just work.

EDIT: Maybe not clear enough… but, you do not need to attach this new BP to a Pawn, it has nothing to do with Pawn functionality. Pawns are Actors, this works on any Actor.