Camera freezes using Stop and Go to End node

Hey imsarah,

Thanks for reporting this. I’ve entered UE-47226. You can track the report’s status as the issue is reviewed by our development staff. Please be aware that this issue may not be prioritized or fixed soon.

I checked the new update for in 4.17 preview 2. Camera is not stuck now, but the newly replaced “Go to End and Stop” node is still incorrect. The box should stay in the air after the sequence is played normally or/and using “Go to End and Stop” node. Also, by default, the “Restore State” setting for the sequencer is not checked (see image), so I guess the box should stay in the air when finished.

Can you check the “WhenFinished” setting for the box’s transform track?

ok i think i have found the properties now. not an easy find but it works.

how to reproduce this error.

  1. Use ThirdPerson example.
  2. Create a Sequence
  3. Create a camera
  4. Put ThirdPerson Character in front of the camera
  5. Place a Cube in front of the camera
  6. Move the Cube up into the air during sequence.
  7. Add a Camera Cut track as well and add the camera to that track
  8. Create Level BP to play the sequence
  9. In the Level BP, create an event for keyboard shortcut to skip the sequence. Check if the sequence is Playing before using the “Stop and Go to End node”.
  10. Play this in Editor.
  11. The sequence should play normally without skipping. But if you skip the sequence, it freezes at the end frame.

I can’t seem to find that setting.