Camera freelook turns too far?!

The Camera is moving apart from the body like the freelook mode in games lake arma or rust. But I want to prevent the player from looking in to himself by locking the camera to a certan degree so he can only look forwar and slightly the the left and right. Another idea which would be even better but ptopably harder to make would be to let the player look everywhere but when he looks to the left and right that after a certan degree whthe body would move to that direction too.

Thanks for everyone who reads this

I know how to read out the yaw rotation and by that see when the camera goes to far but I dont know how to STOP it from going further.

Hi Trenox1980,

Try typing “clamp” into the list of available Blueprint Nodes. There should be a “Clamp” where you can set the range of a result.
Let me know if you can’t find the right one.

Good luck!


I tried it but I dont know how to use the clamp node :frowning: tried out some stuff but it did not work.

I am really stuck I feel like I have tried everything :frowning: and its does not seam lik making the camera stop at a certan degree would be such a pain in the ■■■. Thanks for replying :slight_smile: