Camera following spline, flying pawn going out of screen


The level setup is a roller coaster with a spline on X axis doing curves up and down.
Both camera and pawn follows this spline, but pawn is free to move on YZ directions.

My question is, in this case how do I make to avoid the pawn going out of screen?
I’m new to unreal and I’ve tried without a solid success, few shenanigans to solve like hollow blocking volumes or a invisible mesh near the pawn both also following to the spline.

I hope if someone have a more neat solution, any help is appreciated, thank you.

pawn going out of screen.

the camera follows the spline rotation, here the camera rotated up and the pawn went off screen.

does the pawn not have its own camera component?

no, in the project the camera are placed on the level and follow the spline.
in my experience, when I attach a camera on the pawn, the camera follow the pawn which isn’t my desired goal.