Camera following a path

Hello everyone, and sorry for my English mistakes.

I want to create a camera who following a path, stay focus on the player, and also move on the fixed path via the player movements. At leas is a camera similar to “God of war” :

Here you can find what I would like to do at 7m40.

I term to do that, I have create a matinee, where the camera follow a path and stay focus one a target point attached to the player.

Then I have two question for you:

  • How can I adapt my character’s movement to the camera ? (when the character turn around every movements became weird)
  • How can I make move my camera along the path, depending of my character movements ? (If the player stop moving, the matinee have to pause the camera movement. If the player go back, the matinee have to rewind)

For finish this game is NOT a side view game, but more like the god of war moment than I had show to you.
I know that will be hard to do, and I didn’t find any help on the net, that is why i’m counting on you guys !
Thank you for your answers, bye