Camera focal length is different than it should be

I am using 90 degrees field of view standart camera. The focal length for such camera for 1280 image width should be should be fx=fy=f=imageWidth /(2 * tan(CameraFOV * Ļ€ / 360)) = 640 /(2 * tan(90 * 3.14 / 360)) = 320.25492609 px and using the COLMAP - state of the art computer vision multiview 3d reconstraction and camera paramers estimation software I got 768 px. And the same is for different scenes and experiments. Can someone explain what ois wrong with UE camera? :slight_smile: And how to calculate it focal length ? #unreal-engine #community #computer-vision #camera

Iā€™m not sure if I understood you correctly, but when you select CameraActor, there is a DrawDebugFocusPlane in the settings. Perhaps this is what you need.

Have you set up film back properly? Have you tried cinecamera?