Camera floating away on it's own

As soon as i open my project the camera that i use to move about my world just keeps floating of into space by itself, don’t remember it happening last time i saved the project, can’t work with this, any help?


First make sure that you don’t have any devices plugged in (for example an xbox controller) that may be adding an input while you are working.

Second, does this happen only in your project or in a blank project?

Hi Ed,

for your response, i have no idea what it was but it’s stopped now, i usually have my controller plugged in and it wasn’t affecting it and it was happening in multiple projects, when they were fine before. Oh well, it’s working now hah

This still happens. The easiest fix is to do this:

Go to Editor Preferences->Level Editor->Viewports and turn off checkbox “Level Editor Joystick Controls”.

Would be great if Epic would fix this though :slight_smile:


hahahahaha it just happen to me lol

I am also facing this problem. While connecting tracker in ndisplay ICVFX Camera moving wrong direction if i move in viewport of ndisplay also moving inside it should be opposite direction. Pls help anyone