Camera - ******** Feeling - Blueprint/Camera shake

Hey everyone, I’m working on a new project where the player controls an animal at the first person camera (it’s a non realistic animal but close to a feline).

So, my main objective right now is to create a game feel close to a 'beast controller’. I want to feel that I control an anomal and not a human being.

What I’ve tried so far for the simple forward character movement is to se a camera shake that I only activate on the pitch to try . The problem is, the offset random mode makes crazy bad things. And the zero offset allows the camera shake to be visible only when I start to move or stop to move. So I can’t have this a proper camera movement for my running animal.

So, would you have any idea of how I can accomplish that?


I suggest you make a timeline that controls camera movement, and then multiply the effect/offset by the (velocity / something)

Do you want the camera to bob up and down excessively while the animal is running, that kind of effect? I have an idea that may be interesting to try:

  • In your component hierarchy, put your Camera component under a SpringArm. If you haven’t played with these before, spring arms are like virtual flexible sticks perfect for achieving things the camera swinging around a character with a delay.
  • Position the spring arm on the back of your character and set the TargetArmLength and Rotate the spring arm as you see fit. In the blueprint viewport you see a red line which indicates the end points of your spring arm.
  • During gameplay, oscillate the pitch of the spring arm while walking/running
  • Play with the lag settings on the spring arm, so that the camera is lagging behind creating a smooth but fast bobbing effect when combined with the previous step

Hope that makes sense. You could imagine it like this, you’re sitting backwards on a horse with a camera attached to a fishing rod. The spring arm is the fishing rod.

Two good ideas here, i’ll try this. thx. I’ll let you know if it works.

Still trying to figure out how to do this thing.

I did something like this:

But it doesn’t work neither and I can’t add my Firsperson camera as a trget to several function i’ve used.

I know I need a timeline to manage the camera movement I want (will be easier to tweak), a multiplier to manage the rotation amplitude depending on the player’ speed and a function to add the rotation to the pitch. But knowing all of this, I still haven’t found how to put it all together to get the result I want :frowning:

Hi, I finally succeeded in creating this camera. As said Iwata-san, nothing is impossible, you just have the think about it the right way!

I created camera animations to use curves as I wanted to tweak the camera movement. I put a reference to it in a camera shake blueprint. You could use the only camera animation to create this but adding it in a camera shake allows to add the camera shake effects on top of that to create a really cool feeling easily.

I put the whole thing into a function that is used when the player is moving. I have three different camera shake depending on the player’ state: if he’s walking, sprinting or in stealth position.

Then I get the stick axis value to scale the camera shake depending on the preassure you put on the gamepad left thumbstick.