Camera Feed from one level to another

I created a basic camera feed using scene capture 2d option and threw it on a box as a material…works great

I then decided to build another level so in a sense i would be monitoring that level from the first level…kind of going for that security room feel so i built a new box and threw the material on that box so now level 2 is monitoring level 1…again works great in testing.

Cooked my project and played the game, box is now just a green screen.

Can anyone think of what could be wrong…did my first level not get cooked…or is it bigger like i am completely missing a check to in a sense run the additional level parallel to the first.

Still pretty new here so could be missing tons.

It can’t render from the other level if the other level isn’t loaded

thank you for confirming darth. i was leaning toward that being my problem.