Camera Fade does not work since 4.12.5


I have an issue about Camera Fade In/Out. I’m using Player Camera Manager and “Start Camera Fade” function since some time ago but this method is not currently working . I think it happens since 4.12.5 update but i’m not sure about the real reason.

Any Tip?

I got the same problem but its happening with Matinee Fade, matinee fade does not work in 4.12.5 and I don’t know why. I have HDR turned on,
I have Bloom turned on so it should be working but it won’t… And yet fade in matinee is still not working.

Currently using it in a VR project in 4.13

I got also another issue. And this one is annoying. When I Change a Material to transparent and then apply that transparent material to a static mesh, I can’t select the static mesh to move it in the 3d viewport window. but I can
move it only by selecting it from the 2d wireframe viewport window, might be a bug. You should beable to move the static mesh regardless of what viewport window its in.