Camera Doesn't Rotate

Hi, I’m trying to make a beam balancing system for my character, but I can’t get the camera to roll and wobble when stood on the beam, the swaying works perfectly fine, but the rotating doesn’t, even though they’ve been set up exactly the same way, just one using relative rotation and one using relative location.

I’ve tried using the ‘Follow Camera’ instead of the ‘Camera Boom’ but that didn’t work, I’ve also tried using world rotation rather than relative rotation, but still nothing. Any help would be appreciated, I have no idea what I’ve done wrong.

What’s the structure of the character? If you go into the BP and rotate the boom, does the camera move?

Nope, but I’ve tried it using ‘Follow Camera’ instead of ‘Camera Boom’ and when I rotate the follow camera in the viewport that rotates, just not from the blueprint.

Sorry, what I mean is: If you edit the character BP, grab the camera boom component and rotate it, does the camera move to?

I would make sure your boom is not inheriting rotation from the controller, it would override any rotations you attempt to make.

Yeah that’s what I tried, haha, the camera doesn’t rotate when I rotate the boom, but it does when I rotate the camera, but in the BP I’ve used ‘Get CameraBoom’ and ‘Get FollowCamera’ and neither worked.

The camera boom and the camera itself both have ‘Use Pawn Control Rotation’ ticked if that’s what you mean? There’s no way around that though since my game is first person so I need to be able to rotate when I move my mouse.

Anyone able to help?

Thx for this post, at least Im happy to see Im not the only one struggle with this Did you find a solution . So from what Ive found that I can set the location of the follow camera , but not the rotation. Is the only solution maybe to switch to another camera and switch back?

Pretty old post, but for anyone still wondering, if you’re in the Character BP and want to rotate the boom, you need to select the CameraBoom component and then uncheck the inherit yaw, pitch, and roll boxes. After that, you might need to play around with these settings, but it should be able to rotate on its own.