Camera doesn't get moved on client

Hey all,

Two issues here:

a) I got the following problem: I try to let every player spawn and posses the camera in playerstate after EventBeginPlay. However i got the a problem where the camera is spawned on both machines, but the client does not move his own camera on his machine. The server is seeing both cameras and their movement correctly. I can even move the clients pawn with the clients controller but it only gets updated on the server and the clients pawn stays in place on the client machine. The servers pawn is moved correctly on BOTH machines.

What is up with that weird behavior?

b) Why do i have to posses on the server anyway? In my case it could be pretty irrelevant if one player sees the other because it is an RTS game and the players dont see themselves directly anyway.

So is there a way to posses and move a camera only on clients?

I did make the mistake and tried to move the camera directly in the playercontroller. This doesnt work because the camera gets spawned and possesed on the server. Now i pass the event to the camera pawn and move it in it’s own class.