Camera doesn't follow crouching or prone animation I created...

So I have re-created the animations(prone, crouch and jog) from the UE4 documentation. I have a camera setup to a first person POV of the pawn but no matter what I try I cannot get the camera to follow the animation. Here is pictures of the camera and its setup, and what happens to me in game. Please keep in mind, I am fairly new to UE4. If you request me to change the entire layout to assist me I have no problem(s) doing so.



Camera Settings:

,Dirt113, how would I go about doing that? The binding of a socket, and how do I get the non-visual components to move with the animation?

and this will also move the non-visual components correct?

It won’t move with the animations just cause it’s owned by the mesh component, it needs to either be bound to a socket, or moved manually.

This is because when animations are played on skeletal meshes, the actual playing component itself doesn’t move, only the visuals do, which is the reason for base repositioning or something in anim BP’s

Open the skeletal mesh’s skeleton asset, and choose one bone, I personally recommend the head, but anything will work.

Then position it with a desired offset, then go back to the camera component settings, and set Parent Socket to the previously added one.

Hope this helped :smiley:

As long as they’re properly attached, yes.


Check this documentation to see how to create sockets and attach the camera to your socket using Attach To:

Ok, so day passed and I finally got a chance to look at my mesh. But for some reason, after setting the parent to the head, my animations suddenly stopped working. Ideas?

Nevermind! I found my problem. I forgot to uncheck the “Update skeleton” box. Thank you so much Dirt!