Camera doesn't change in sequencer

​Hello friends!

I’m fairly new to UE4 (having a Cinema 4D, 3D-Animation, VFX and Videoproduction background), so this must be an easy question.
I have a timeline in the sequencer. In there, I’ve got two shots with an own camera each. When I play the master sequence, the camera doesn’t change automatically from the Shot-01-Camera to the Shot-02-Camera. Instead, the focus (or the viewer) stays on the camera that I selected in the list (see image).

Sorry if this question is stupid, but I couldn’t find a solution.

Thanks and cheers

Have you clicked on the camera icons to the left, including the top one, to enable them? Have you checked the properties to make sure they’re bound to the camera you think?
Is there a camera cuts in the sequencer?
Check the Sequencer videos in

Hi scottunreal

Thanks for your reply! If you mean this following camera-button, then yes.
Bildschirmfoto 2020-09-15 um 11.35.23.png
I’m not sure what properties you’re talking about. The shot-properties, or where do I have to look?

I’m actually following the official UE-tutorials for the sequencer: Cinematics with Sequencer: Subscene Animation 1 | 06 | v4.12 Tutorial Series | Unreal Engine - YouTube
But in the video, the camera switch happens automatically. I’ll go through some of the videos a second (or third) time to see if I missed something.

I didn’t used “camera cuts” as it wasn’t talked about in the video (at least not until part 5 or so, where I am right now. I’ll check that and see if I find something.


Little update: It seems that I made it work with your help. I added a camera cuts track, set the respective camera to each shot, and set the “Lock the viewport to shots” button. Is that the proper wa to do it? Or is that just a workaround?