Camera Does Not Follow Character Animation


I’m new to unreal engine and have been experimenting with rolling/dodging animations for my character. I imported the standing dodge backward animation from mixamo and retargeted it to the default third person character. I then made the animation into a anim montage which plays whenever I press spacebar. However, when I press the button, the character performs the animation as expected, but the camera does not follow the character while it is performing the animation and the character teleports back to its original place afterwards.

I have enabled root motion for the anim montage. However it still does not work. I have tried searching for solutions but I can’t find any. Could someone please help me? Thank you

Hello! Camera is attached and positioned relative to Capsule component. If you enable Root motion then Capsule position should be updated…

I’ve tried doing that however it for some reason still does not work? This also happens with other mixamo animations too :frowning: