Camera displacement with top down view

I’m creating a maze game for mobile devices using the 3rd person character template. I want to make a top down game, but want to use the controls that come with the 3rd person template. I found it easier to achieve the results I wanted simply be changing the camera position, rather than creating a top down game and trying to change the control mechanism.
Everything works fine, except I get a very distracting camera displacement when my pawn moves too close to a wall or the edge of the map.
When the pawn moves too close to the edge of the map it shifts away from the middle of the screen. I figure I can remedy this issue by creating a map that encloses a smaller play area (I am yet to try this, but am confident it will work).
My main concern is how the visuals shift when the pawn moves too close to certain walls. I need to have the camera keep itself in place at all times and have the pawn not move from the centre of the screen. I’ve added a video to show the behavior I am attempting to explain.

you need to disable the do collision test of the springArm

open character BP > select springarm> in details panel find do collision test and disable it

You legend! Thanks for that. =)