Camera dims when possessing pawn

Hi all, so I have a ‘menu pawn’ and ‘ship pawn’. When the game starts, you control the menu pawn to control the main menu. If you select ‘begin’, it will load the first level, and the camera will smoothly transition from the menu pawn, to the ship pawn, and start the level. It all looks rather good, but the camera dims rather dark for just a second when you possess the ship pawn. Both the menu pawn and ship pawn have cameras that use Auto Basic Exposure, with min and max both set to 2.0.

Any ideas as to why my camera dims when I possess a different pawn? Or is there a better way to be doing this?

Pictures show:

  1. My event graph, how I’m communicating with the ‘Ship Pawn’ AKA ‘Scorpion’. How I’m possessing. (If Possess is removed, camera does not dim).
  2. My Main Menu, with the Ship/Scorpion floating in air, before we ‘Begin Play’.
  3. We ‘Begin’ and the Scorpion is possessed. The camera dims almost to black, then quickly returns to regular brightness.
  4. The camera returning to regular brightness, as it transitions to above the Scorpion, as the first level is initiated.

Thank you!

Good suggestion but I have no PostProcessVolume in my Scene Outliner, or anywhere else that I can find.

Wow, so I finally figured out what it was, and yes you can laugh at me. Apparently I had a camera fade-in that was activated when my game mode began. I completely forgot that was there after re-doing the intro/menu of the game. To me it appeared that it was because of possession, because when I disconnected the possession node, it stopped happening. Turned out it stopped happening because I was getting my game mode variable from my pawn variable, and was no longer getting the pawn variable. Goes to show how the issue may not be where you expect.