camera cut not following it's own transform path on sequencer

hi, its been a long time ago I didn’t making archviz scenes on ue4, but i’m facing a problem I was having on my last scene but I totally forgot how to fix this.I wanted to make a simple camera cut with movement tracking, but when rendering the video output, the movement tracked lost on it’s own path and gets on out of the map camera.

i recorded an quick example: Camera Transform Problem GIF by bigodon99 | Gfycat

on viewport or cinematic viewport, this working fine and won’t happen
it start to recording the transform path and this happening, any ideas?

hey max, thanks for taking your time

but I solved this by deleting my emtore camera cut and drag n drop one of my scene cameras to master sequencer for create a new camera cut without this problem, somehow before i havent the camera componet on my camera cut cameras, maybe this is what happened

but fixed now, videos recorded!

I’m guessing you need to extend your camera cut track to the entire length of the sequence. If that’s not it, can you post a picture of your sequencer tracks?