Camera Cut Blends ignore Post Processing

Hi there,

I ran into a curious problem setting up cutscenes in Sequencer, using Camera Cuts.
When blending cameras using a Camera Cuts track, their transforms blend perfectly, i.e. there is a smooth transition between each of the cameras. However, their post process setups don’t blend. Instead, they act as if they were hard cuts.

Here’s a very simple example setup:
Two cameras have two post process material instances. One multiplies the scene color with red, the other with blue. You can see that the blends transition perfectly between the cameras’ transforms. But as soon as the blend-in is >0.0, the post-processing is weighted at 1.0, and when a blend-out becomes <1.0, it is weighted as 0.0.

A few notes: This also happens for built-in things like Bloom or Exposure Compensation. Also, the materials are (to the best of my knowledge) correctly set up, as they work as expected when working with Post Process Volumes.

My question is: Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong? I can’t seem to find an option for blending post processing as opposed to blending transform values only.


I came across the same issue. Do you or someone come up with any solutions?

Unfortunaately, my only fix is to work around the issue by animating the PP on a separate volume actor.