Camera controls

Hi guys,

Sorry for my bad english language ; I’m Corentin3D, i’m freelancer. My website here :

I begin to work with UE 4.

I am currently looking to create a camera manipulation.

I want to my model ( eg image) and turn, zoom, pan, …

Just like in a 3D viewer …

I understand the need to manage this from the Blueprints , but I do not see at all how to create my nodes in order to have what I want .

I need your help.

Thank you!


I think this help you.


Thank you for reply

This is not really a kinematic I want.

I really want to have a manipulable camera to rotate around an object, zoom , a view pan.

Have a look at the basic camera movements in third person character. Remove the moving inputs and add a camera arm length movement (even with a timeline) then add your mesh at capsule place and use umg to have a clickable zone. with an invisible box as floor ignored by camera or some gravity set up ( not sure about the best ) it may be what you’d like.

Thank for reply,

Not realy to make this, i want to create " Free camera " in my environnement, with free rotation, move, and view pan.

Exemple : The navigation of camera on Sketchfab :

So…, just i want to make my camera setup on UE 4 for launch my projects and look at my models 3D online on my website.

HI guys,

I need your help, it iss very important for me … :frowning:

Thank you very much !