Camera Collision Manipulation

Hi everyone,

I want to achieve 2 things with my camera. 1 - a smoother transition when my camera hits something than default settings (do collision test ON). 2 - whenever my camera collides with my objects in level, my player mesh becomes transparent. I was trying to find the do collision test result but I didn’t find the node. Hoping someone can help here. Thanks!!!

Well the way camera collision works in the spring arm component is relatively simple, it basically traces from the “root” position of the spring arm to the camera location and if there is a hit in between then it adjusts (shortens) the length of the spring arm so that the camera is a few units before the hit location.

You can smoothly interpolate between the adjusted spring arm length and the unadjusted one but without also fading out the mesh(es) in between it will probably look really bad.

So to fade out the meshes you would most likely have to create 2 materials for each mesh (one opaque, one translucent) and switch between the two as needed.
Then you could fade out the opacity of the object based on camera to pixel distance in the material.