Camera Changes Position on Imports

Is it possible to stop the Camera from changing views after every import or reimport?

I’m focused on a particular location and everytime I reimport updates, my camera is now in no-mans-land and I have to manually move it back in. Very annoying.

agreed! it was a false good idea :slight_smile:

Its worth noting that, similar to what happens for example in After Effects, after you unattach or unparent your actor it will keep its updated position in relation to his new parent or to the world position if there is none, so you can use this method as a sort of transform tools to correct issues of translation, rotation or scale offsets in imported meshes too. For example, using the position of your empty actor as a pivot point for a group of imported meshes in case their pivots are not located in the center of the world and you need them to. The exception to this would be a matinee camera, because the movement track will override any transform that you apply to your camera in the editor. Fortunately it does so in relation to local space, so in relation to his parent transformed space, which in that case you would keep.