[Camera] Change projection mode during Play

Hi everyone,

I followed this tuto, but I would like to add one more camera and set the projection mode to orthographic.

Anyone can help me?

Many thanks,

Up, …
Can someone help me?

Haven’t checked out the tutorial, but from my experience with cameras, get the camera component directly and change the ProjectionMode or set bIsOrthographic to true on your player camera manager.

Yes I know that but that’s what I can’t do. In this case, the camera aren’t actor but a child class, ans it’s not allowed to access at theses properties…

Do you mean that your Camera is of a custom class you created derived from the CameraActor class, or it’s a component of a blueprint?

If it’s the latter, you can access camera properties in camera components quite easily. Here:


No it’s not a camera component. It’s a Child Actor…

Sans titre.jpg

I gotcha. I don’t honestly know why you would set it up like that, but this should do the trick for getting the camera properties of a CameraActor as a ChildActor component.


Thank you Jared,
That’s what I was looking for.

You’re welcome! Ask anytime!