Camera Boom Workflow

Hey all,

I’m just curious at the moment after playing around more with the camera systems in UE4, why does everything seem to be focused around nesting a camera inside of a pawn Blueprint/Class at the moment.

From my background experience in Unity I was used to making a “Follow Camera” that would be controlled by it’s own script and set to simply follow a player or object. That way when something happened to the followed object, the reference to this could just be swapped and the camera would follow something new.

I’m just wondering as the current setup in UE4 seems a little restrictive, for instance if you destroy the player character then the Camera and Camera boom setup is also destroyed resulting in a new temporary camera being created in the level at a random place and rotation. I realise you can just hide components in the player and spawn a new one in expectation of the destruction and do a quick swap, or reset variables, hide and replace etc. but all of this is much more long winded than just destroy, create and reassign camera target.

It also strikes me as problematic if you were to have some form of shared screen multiplayer as you’d then need to do an entirely different camera setup just for that, disabling the individual camera and camera boom setup.

So I was just wondering if I was missing something or doing something very wrong with the camera setup??

Thanks for reading and feeding my general curiosity :smiley: