Camera boom length to hide player?

Im getting a huge headache trying to figure out how to make my character model go invisible when my camera boom’s length is less than or equal to 1

here is my bp i’m trying to add this too.

basically when you zoom all the way in to the character i want the player mesh to disappear because you
can see her teeth and her hair and it is annoying me lol

can anyone help me fix this? why can’t i get the player model to be hidden?

Need to connect execution line trace after setting boom length…
another different approach is to switch to fps character when zoomed in…

Have you tried Set Visibility? Adjusting the final camera’s destination when zoomed in?

Also, you are not executing anything beyond setting the boom. You are missing the branch and the cast.

Better yet, use “owner no see.” Also would there ever be a case where the boom zooms in because it is colliding with a wall?

ok so i made a few changes to my blueprint and got it HALF working…
I’m completely new to this visual scripting stuff
and don’t have any clue as what im doing. just alot of trial and error as you can see. and looking at examples
but none cover this in total so im completely lost…
as you can see i changed a few things around.
Basically I’m trying to re-create the World of warcraft style camera and failing to do so LOL…

now the issue im having is going to be hard to explain.

when i zoom in all the way the charater DOSE disappear.
when i zoom out the character don’t come back untill i zoom all the way back in then it comes back

here are the 2 im using

Zoom in:

Zoom out:

yes i tried using Visibility and it don’t make the character invisible.

I have no clue what “owner no see.” is… and yes there is and have not had any issues with that causing it to disappear im using a standard boom camera that I made watching a tutorial

You are constantly changing the Is Hidden boolean because anytime the mouse wheel is rolled down and the distance is more than 1, that section will run.

At least that is what it looks like to me.

Fixed :smiley:

for anyone wanting a camera that zooms in and out and makes the player invisible and visible again here ya go.
tweak the value from 50 if you want slower or faster zooming. 50 adds or subtracts 50 from the boom arm lenth.
increasing 50 to a higher number will make the zoom faster and more jumpy.
decreasing the number takes longer to zoom in and looks more smooth.

Don’t change the value 1 in the clamp. this positions the camera in the center of the head
if you want them to zoom out further then change the clamp value of 600 to higher values
or if you want to make is zoom out less lower these values…

this is the blueprint i made to do so and it WORKS!!!