Camera bob in BP

Hey guys, sorry if this is a repost but I have looked high and low and found nothing.

UDK had a nice camera bob effect that occurred when the player moved, but in most default projects within UE4 either the mesh animates up and down or you get the wheelchair, float into oblivion effect.

I figure with blueprints I should be able to move the character’s camera using a timeline and a lerp vector, but when and where should I do this? I imagine I should do this in the character class and only if the player is moving. Am I on the right track here, and has anyone else figured this out?

Thanks guys

I managed to get this to work, but it only fires off once, and only bobs once. Any idea how I would fix this? Maybe a while loop?

Open the Timeline Editor and above the curve control (where you keyframed the driver float) you can see a checkbox called Loop. Enable that and Timeline will loop until stop is called. :slight_smile:

Thanks man, I’ll see if that does the trick!

Another method for you to try is using a camera shake to play continuously (uncheck single instance) when a movement key is pressed, then get the camera shake to stop playing when the movement key is released.