Camera Blocking Volume in a 3D sidescroller

So while for a while now I’ve been attempting to create boundaries in the 3D sidescroller game I’ve been working on that would restrict the camera’s movement on where it could go through the use of Camera Blocking Volumes. However the Camera Blocking Volume doesn’t seem to do anything to stop the camera. I’ve tried playing around with the Collision Presets to try and see if any of the settings would restrict the camera’s movement but nothing I’ve attempted so far appears to have had any effect whatsoever.

Does anyone have any idea on why the Camera Blocking Volume isn’t working? Any help whatsoever would be greatly appreciated as always.

Did you enable the collision probe on the spring arm:


My game camera doesn’t have a spring arm. The blueprint for the camera I’m using is based on the one from video[[Link][1]]. For reference’s sake here’s all the blueprints that I know of that make up my game camera:

Event Graph:

Construction Script:

Get New Y Value:

Get New Z Value:

Character Blueprint:

Unfortunately, I’m guessing that I’m going have to make a customized camera blocking volume? If so, does anyone how I can accomplish in a way that’s compatible with my current existing camera blueprint?

Camera relies on the springarm’s probe for collision. You’d have to write custom camera script. is best done in the camera manager; example:

You’d need to provide clamp data the manager will use to override the camera’s transforms with.

But it’d be 10x easier to add a Springarm and use the probe if collision is what you’re after. Also, the Springarm allows for automatic transform interpolation a.k.a. Camera Lag which smoothens and simplifies its movement.

Is there a reason why you’re avoiding the springarm? It does a lot of cool stuff; admittedly, it can & will get in the way if you’re after some custom behaviour.

I’m not using the Spring Arm because I don’t want the camera to follow the player character when they jump into the air, as makes it difficult to see where you are trying to land, which is hugely important for a platformer game. So unless there’s a way to implement a camera “dead zone” like in the tutorial video I linked above that I used to make blueprint then the Spring Arm is no good to me.