Camera at player start gazing in wrong direction??

(Oculus Rift CV1 problem) Camera’s do not listen to camera setups, they all take an direction of their own at level start, also the Linetrace does not work anymore when this happens. When i build navigation it wil work for one time how it should. After that it will spawn again looking in an unknown wrong direction? Also when packaging my project the camera will be wrong!! So what is going on here?

I use Blueprint animation mode for this camera.


no solution

NO solution! The problem is also with normal camera’s! Fp camera’s

Al my camera’s in my project are facing a direction that i did not put them, the camera meshes are facing the way i directed them, but when play in editor or after packaging the camera directions are sometimes 45 degrees or 180 degrees of! My whole project is broken if i cannot find a solution. rubbish and buggy, or i mis something essential here!

I also tried this with no luck, still all the camera’s facing random directions…


When a player spawns, they spawn their own camera by default. Your pre-placed cameras are not being used. You can rotate the player start to get them to face a certain direction on spawn.