Camera at eye level for architectural walkthrough?

Could someone help me keep my camera or character at eye level during a walk through of a accessible playground that i am designing? This is my first time using unreal and like it but can’t figure my walk through out. I imported my model from 3ds max no problem, then built and packaged out for windows. The views going through the model are awesome but the camera goes down through my path ways and is nearly impossible to keep at eye level while moving through the park.
Can i create a spline path that one can move forward and back on through the model, while still allowing the user to look around while moving on the set path? or can someone just help me set it up so that the view doesn’t go down through my mesh? I tried to turn on collistions but that doesn’t work. Thank you for your help

Create a character. Leave it empty. Place the camera and a spring arm patented to the capsule.
change the game mode to use the custom actor.
Should be all you need.